Designed for sweat, incontinence, chafing and featuring trusted leak-proof, technology, Modibodi Men underwear and apparel aims to support men at all times in their lives.

Modibodi Men's Trunk Ultra Incontinence, black, front view, on sale

Modibodi Men's Trunk Ultra Incontinence: (50% OFF at Check Out).

EARN : 189 reward points with this purchase!  Absorbency: 250ml with a reusable insert in place Designed to manage incontinence discreetly, comfortably and without leaks or odour, this style has a built-in floating leak-proof...

Leak-proof, sweat-proof, and anti-chafing, our range of men’s underwear and apparel is designed to keep you dry and comfortable, all day long.

Manage leaks with confidence

Our men’s incontinence underwear range is designed to make your life easier if you experience bladder leakage; which is more common than you think. With absorbencies that can hold from 10ml up to 250ml, the super discreet built-in lining is absorbent, fast drying and controls stains and odour. And the best part? They’re washable and designed to wear again and again, replacing the need for disposables.

Upgrade your everyday comfort

Our men’s underwear range is made from super soft and breathable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and Merino Wool. Which means they’re comfortable and ultra supportive, with extra coverage to help prevent chafing.

Shop our range of moisture-wicking, leak-proof and anti-chafing men’s underwear today, and upgrade your everyday comfort.