Made for moderate to heavy postpartum bleeding and light bladder leaks, this range absorbs up to 15ml (2-3 tampons) to keep you comfy while you care for baby.

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Modibodi maternity brief, light-moderate absorbency period underwear, front view, black

Maternity Brief Light-Moderate: (40% OFF at Check Out).

EARN : 112 reward points with this purchase! Flow : 10ml = 2 tampons or 1-2 teaspoons For : Light to moderate bleeding or bladder leaks, or pregnancy or postpartum discharge Feels :...
Modibodi maternity brief, maxi absorbency period underwear, black, side view

Maternity Brief Maxi: (40% OFF at checkout).

EARN : 136 reward points with this purchase! Flow : Maxi-24hrs – up to 50ml, 10 pads/tampons or 10 teaspoons For : Heavy bleeding or discharge, frequent bladder leaks or overnight wear Feels...

When it comes to maternity underwear, we get how important comfort, support, and protection are. That’s why our range has been thoughtfully designed to offer superior comfort and leak-proof absorbency. And the best part? It’s made to wear again and again and again, replacing the need for single use-disposables.

Maternity and post-partum underwear designed by Mums, for Mums

Our maternity range offers the ultimate support for your growing bump. With a soft and stretchy design and a wide v-shaped waistband, they sit comfortably below a baby bump or post-baby belly and come in a range of absorbencies to keep you dry throughout the day or night. The super absorbent lining ensures you’re protected from post-partum bleeding, heavy discharge or bladder leaks.

Functionality meets comfort with Modibodi

Shop our range of maternity and postpartum underwear, designed to manage leaks while feeling just like regular underwear. Plus, they’re reusable and machine washable, offering you a thoughtfully-made product choice without compromising on quality or functionality.