6 Ways to Avoid VPL

Avoid VPL with Modibodi Seamfree Range of Period Underwear. Modibodi UAE & GCC.
Choosing the right underwear can sometimes be trickier than choosing your outfit – especially when that outfit happens to be tight, figure-hugging, and lightweight. There are few things more annoying than getting dressed and finding you can see lines from your underwear showing – this is what we call the visible panty line, or VPL for short.

How to avoid VPL
Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to help you minimise underwear lines while still ensuring comfort and providing leak protection. From Seamfree undies to going commando, here are seven easy ways to avoid the dreaded VPL:

1. Get your size right
Start with the basics by ensuring your undies are the right size. It may seem simple but wearing underwear that’s too small not only leads to VPL but also discomfort. If you’re unsure of your size or in between sizes, be sure to check out our handy size guide before you buy to make sure you find the perfect fit.

2. Try a boyleg
Made from odour-fighting organic bamboo, Modibodi’s Classic style gives you plenty of booty coverage, and keeps you fresh and dry on your heaviest period days. Ideal for wearing under skirts and dresses, you can feel comfortable while also knowing you aren’t showing off any underwear lines.

3. Opt for seamfree
Seamfree underwear is made from super smooth fabrics that are designed to hug your body, meaning they won’t show lines under your clothes. They have no visible stitching on the outer fabric, which means no cutting into your skin.

Thankfully, Modibodi has you covered with a few different styles of Seamfree period-proof undies. For maximum butt and lower-belly coverage, there’s the Seamfree Full Brief – perfect for when you’re in need of maximum protection from periods, discharge, and sneaky bladder leaks. Also with moderate-to-heavy absorbency, there’s the sassy Seamfree Bikini. And for light period days, the seamless thong is your new best friend – like your everyday g-string but with backup protection. All are ultra-light and oh so smooth, with more minimal seams than ever before. So long, VPL.

4. Wear a g-string
Seamfree thongs are the ultimate solution to your VPL nightmares. Made from buttery-soft fabric, they seamlessly blend in with your body-hugging outfits, whether it be your gym leggings or favourite mini dress. It’s a no-brainer really.

5. Colour coordinate
When it comes to picking your undies, be sure to consider your outfit, and opt for nude tones when in doubt. This ensures your underwear blends in with your clothes and you don’t let your black underwear steal the spotlight of your beautiful white dress.

6. Check you outfit
Before leaving the house, do a quick check of your outfit in different lighting conditions. What may appear invisible in your bedroom mirror could be more noticeable in natural or fluorescent lighting. By checking your outfit in various lighting settings, you can ensure your underwear remains undetectable throughout the day.

Whether it’s adding a few new pairs of undies to your rotation or doing a quick fit-check before you leave the house, we want to help you feel your best, VPL free.

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